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Bigg Boss promo 2 for the day July 29 is released. In this video, Ponnambalam is talking about the Tamilnadu culture and Mumtaz is talking something about Ponnambalam. Here is the day.

Kamal said that contestants were speaking about the culture in this house. Ponnambalam said that there is a tradition for Tamilnadu and contestant should first learn what is the Tamil tradition and what Tamil people are expecting and we need to do that.

Kamal asking Mumtaz that what complain you are having about Ponnambalam behavior. Mumtaz said that Ponnambalm is the old man but still he is speaking some bad words. The next scene Kamal scolding Ponnambalam that what you are trying to say. what a girl should do. We are not sure why Kamal scolds Ponnambalam. Let’s wait and watch.

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