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Bigg Boss Promo 2 for the day July 10 is released. In this video, there is a huge fight between Vaishnavi and Ponnambalam. All the contestants turned agaist Ponnambalam. Here is the video of that.

In the first scene of this promo, Ponnambalam asked to Vaishanvai, what you asked me yesterday. For that Viashmmvai said I asked will you lift me. For that Ponnambalam reply was I can do it in the night but can’t do it in the daytime.

Ponambalam asked Vaishanvi, what’s wrong with my statement. Vaishanavi said that there are some wrong meaning in your speech. NSK Ramya said please don’t speak bad words inside Bigg Boss House. Ponnambalam said I’m saying it just for fun but why you people are taking it seriously.

Vaishnavi said to Ponnambalam that Sendrayan said something to Balaji. For that Sendrayan said I have not said anything to Thadi Balaji. Balaji got tensed and scolding Sendrayan. We don’t do what Sendrayan said to Balaji and why the fight is really happening in Bigg Boss house.

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