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Bigg Boss Tamil promo 3 for the day July 12 is released. In this video, Sendran and Mumtaz were fighting with each other due to the task. Here is the video.

We all know that police and thief task is going in Bigg Boss house. So if the police want something then they need to pay money to the public and they can get it. Without money, the public won’t give anything to the police. That is the task here.

Now Sendrayan asked 10 Rs to Mumtaz. He said that he needs coffee so he asked that. but Mumtaz refused to give money to him. So Sendrayan got anger and he complained about the Mumtaz activity to everybody.

First Sendrayan raising this complaint to Mahat Raghavendra. what he said was, I just asked 10 Rs to Mumtaz for drinking tea but she did not give that. Who is she to refuse that. If she wants something then she is buying it but she is not giving just 10 Rs to me.

Mahat advising Mumtaz to give that money. But she is saying that he is asking money to put the curd in his hair. He can bath without curd just for a day right. Sendaryan said that I’m SI and you are working under me. You should respect my words.

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