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Bigg Boss Tamil promo 1 for the day July 11 is released just now. In this video, they fully focused on the fight between Balaji and Mahat. Here is the video of that.

In the first scene Mahat saying that one should not speak loudly. That is the rule. In the next scene Mahat shouting to Balaji, who are you to say me as a beggar. Balaji said that did I said you?. Mahat said that yes you told me only. and the fight is going.

Thadi Balaji asking don’t shout with me. Mahat saying that I will shout what will you do. Finally, Mahat saying Balaji as jocker and comedy. Balaji is getting angry and shouting to Mahat.

In yesterday’s episode itself, the clash between Balaji and Mahat Raghavendra started. Mahat was getting anger for simple things and shouted. in Yashika’s mater also he is just getting angry then and there and now he is fighting with Balaji. We know that both Balaji and Mahat were short tempered. so lates wait and watch.

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