Cheran and Losliya Made an awesome dance performance in Bigg Boss

Day one episode of Bigg Boss Tamil was aired on Vijay TV yesterday. There was a fantastic task given by Bigg Boss to the contestants.

The task is about contestants were been split into 2 different families and one has to do the whatever task that is given by their family member to be retained.

Task for Cheran

The task for Cheran was to do a dance movement. And Cheran asked someone to sing then he will dance. All the contestants went on the chorus and sung ‘Kaathadiku Kaathadikuthu’ song and Cheran did an awesome folk dance performance.

Task for Losliya

Losliya is one of the most notable contestants in the Bigg Boss Tamil season 3. All her actions were been keenly noted by audience and it is going viral in social media. Reshma has given the task to Losliya and she mentioned that you are looking like actress Sai Pallavi and can you do a dance movement like her. And Losliya requested for a pair to do dance movement.

Losliya Dance Movement With Sandy
Losliya Dance Movement With Sandy

Dance master sandy came forward and they did a dance movement for ‘Rowdy Baby’ Song. The movements were been looked like so chill an nice. Lately, she also became the talk of Twitter for those movements.