‘Even rajini uncled talked for me’ Vanitha discloses her wish to reunite with her father:

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You cannot complete surfing the social media websites without pointing out the name Vanitha Vijayakumar. We could often hear the name on the television and other social media platforms to that extent.

Vanitha Vijayakumar:

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She is the eldest daughter of veteran actors Vijayakumar and Manjula and has been topping the recent controversial topics. She is living alone with his daughters after divorcing three husbands. Her son Hari is living with Vijayakumar. She doesn’t get on with her family after the fight due to some family issues. 

Her Bigg Boss journey:

She is the former Bigg Boss contestant and is now in the Bigg Boss ultimate game aired on Disney plus Hotstar. She has left the show abruptly. She has been giving interviews on her own YouTube channel after leaving the show disclosing the reasons for quitting the show. She said that “Bigg Boss is taking the wrong path where the housemates brawl at each other viciously. Wherefore, actor Kamal left the show.” She censures.

Wants to Rejoin:

Now she is collaborating on a project film with Thiagarajan, the father of doctor Prasanth. In that, she says that she wants to re-join with her father and many create hurdles to it. She also added that she was seeking Rajini’s help to join with her father but that was oh no use.