Bigg Boss Tamil Second week Nominations

Bigg Boss Tamil is one of the biggest reality show in the Tamil Language. Kamalhassan is one the main reason for the Sucess.  In Bigg Boss Tamil Season 2 there are 16 Contestants who were locked up in a house where it has 60 Cameras in it.

Janani Iyer In Nomination
Janani Iyer In Nomination

Bigg Boss Tamil Missed Call Numbers:

Anand Vaithiyanathan Missed Call Number – 8367-796-802 
Mamathi Chari Missed Call Number 8367-796-807
Ponambalam Missed Call Number 836-796-810
Mumtaj Missed Call Number 8367-796-807

Bigg Boss Tamil Second Week Nominations:

Anand Vaithiyanathan (4 Votes), Mumtaj (6 Votes), Mahathi (6 Votes) and Ponambalam (4 Votes).

  1. Riythvika has nominated Vaishnavi and Anand Vaithiyanathan
  2. Dhadi Balaji has nominated Mumtaj And Mahathi
  3. Janani has nominated Mahathi and Mumtaj
  4. Shariq Hassan has nominated Mahathi and Sendrayan
  5. Mamathi has nominated Aiyshwarya Dutta and Mahat
  6. Nithya Has nominated Mumtaj and Dannial
  7. Mahat has nominated Ponambalam and Anand Vaithiyanathan
  8. Dannial has nominated Ponambalam and Anand Vaithiyanathan
  9. Aishwarya Dutta has nominated Janani  and Riythivika
  10. Anand Vaithiyanathan has nominated Danial and Mumtaj
  11. Ramya NSK has nominated Mamathi and Ponambalam
  12. Yashika Anand has nominated Ponambalam and Anand Vaithiyanathan
  13. Ponambalam has nominated Danial and Mumtaj
  14. Mumtaj has nominated Vaishnai and Sendrayan
  15. Sendrayan has nominated Mamathi and Shariq Hassan
  16. Vaishnavi has nominated Mamathi and Mumtaj

Bigg Boss Tamil First Week:

Nominated contestants are Ananth, Mumtaj, Nithya, and Riythvika.

Result: There was no voting process for the first week. And its a eviction Free Week.