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Bigg Boss promo 1 for the day August 02 was released. In this video, they are showing the re-entry of Vaishnavi inside Bigg Boss house and she is sharing some opinion. Her is the video of that.

Vaishnavi was in the secret room for a few days and she now came back to the Bigg Boss house. While entering the house she was having a task list. She started reading the task. The mater in that task book is,  You will have some idea about the housemates who are traveling along with you in this Bigg Boss house. So you need to categorize the people according to their honesty and you should ask them to stand in that order.

First Vaishanavi is asking Daniel to go. he is asking what is my number. But int he promo they have not shown in what number Daniel is standing. We need to wait till 9 PM to know what is the Daniel position.

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