Mumtaz in Bigg Boss
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Bigg Boss Promo video 2 for the day June 21 was released. In that video Mumtaz was crying loud and Mahat Ragavendra is scolding Sendrayan to get of house. Apart from that there is some more stuffs in the video and its here.

Initially this promo starts with dance. Sendrayan and Mumtaz were dacing for the hit song “Katti pudi Katti pudi”. After that Sendrayan was very happy and saying that I have danced with Mumtaz and scene cuts there. in different scene Mumtaz was crying a loud. Everybody were trying to console her. Somebody saying that we are all making her cry. Mahat scolding Sendrayan, why are doing like this and he is asking to go out. Promo ends here. We need to swatch the entire show to know what really happens.

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