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Bigg Boss Tamil : Ponnambalam scold Aishwarya

Bigg Boss Tamil promo video 1 for the day June 26 is being released. In that video, the main conversation is that Ponnambalam scold Aishwarya and all the girls are getting angry by Ponnambalam behavior.

In this promo, Vaishnavi saying to Ramya NSK that we were laughing in the night time and during that time Aishwarya went near Ponnambalam and she requested Ponnambalam to move to his bed. Ponnambalam wakes up and he scolds Aishwarya. Ramya NSK said that Ponnambalam scolds badly.

Ramya NSK, Aishwarya and Vaishnavi decided that if he spoke next time like this then we need to scold Ponnambalam. Ramya NSK said that next time if he spoke like that then definitely I will ask to him, will you speak like this with your daughter. The complaint goes to Mumtaz and she said that I will speak with Ponnambalam regarding this.

We all know that Ponnambalam got nominated this week and at this time if he gets some bad name then it will affect voting. We need to wait and watch the entire episode to know what happened exactly.

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