Bigg Boss Tamil : Mumtaz arguing with Shariq

Bigg Boss Tamil Promo 1 for the day June 27 was released just now. In that video, most of the contestant’s are targeting Mumtaz since she is not performing her task properly. Contestants are thinking that their Luxury budget may affect because of Mumtaz.

In this promo video, initially, Mahat saying to the lady contestant that since there is a problem in wearing saree, two hours are wasted. Daniel Annie Pope saying to Mumtaz and Mamathi that if one duty is given to you and if you completed it then every problem will get solved right.

Mahat saying that everybody is performing the duty but Mumtaz did not perform. For that Mumtaz replied that did all my effects till now is waste? I don’t want to argue with this. Next Shariq is saying to Mumtaz that you need to clean the swimming pool for how much time you delayed. Mumtaz said that I won’t do it. Shariq Hassan said that you need to do it. But Mumtaz refused it.

In yesterdays episode itself, Mumtaz and Mamathi said that they won’t perform some task and contestants complained about them to Bigg Boss. By seeing the promo we can guess that in today’s episode also they are doing the same. We all know that they are in elimination list even though they are going against other contestants. So let’s wait and watch.

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