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Bigg Boss Tamil : Mahat was put into Jail


Bigg Boss Tamil promo 1 for the day July 12 is released. In this promo video, they majorly concentrated on Mahath and contestants are putting Mahat into Jail. here is the video of that.

In the first scene of the promo, all the contestants are sitting inside the plasma TV. Janani Iyer is standing before them and saying that Mahat you have not done your job properly this week. That is the cause of all the problems in this house.

Mahat Raghavendra said that I got angry and scolded many people in this house and I’m accepting it. So Janani said that I have decided to put Mahat in Jail just for all his mistakes in this task and I’m conveying my decision to you all.

Once Mahat entered the Jail, he is coming in front of the camera and saying that please don’t take out me from Jail. We are not sure why he said like that. Let’s wait and watch the show.

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