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Bigg Boss Tamil : Mahat shouting with Mumtaz

Bigg Boss Tamil promo 2 for the day July 04 is released and in that video, Mahat is fighting with Mumtaz. Sendrayan is trying to convince Mahat and he started shouting with Sendrayan. Here is the video.

In the first scene of the video, Mahat Raghavendra saying to Mumtaz that you said that you have not scolded anybody but yesterday you scolded me. For that Mumtaz said yes I have scolded you yesterday. But you people are not asking anything to Ramya but why you are asking me alone.

In the second scene, Mahat is again shouting loudly. He said that nobody should have this kind of attitude. But we are not sure to whom he saying this. We are continuously seeing that Mahat is getting tensed day by day.

In the third scene, Sendrayan is asking to Mahat, Why you are getting tensed? For that Mahat shouting with Sendrayan and he said that why you are involving in this fight. Are you mad?.  Daniel is also shouting with Sendrayan. Janani Iyer saying to Sendrayan that they are not talking to you so you please calm down.

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