Bigg Boss Tamil : Who is going to eleminate

There are totally 16 contestants in Bigg Boss Tamil and currently, all of them are in Bigg Boss house since there was no elimination in the first week. Now Kamal to announce who is eliminated in the second week. Here is the video of that.

Since there is no elimination in the first week of Tamil Bigg Boss season 2. All the contestants were there in Bigg Boss house but there was not much conflict. In the yesterday’s episode what Kamal said is that most of the contestants were fake and they are not expressing their own character.

Ponnambalam, who is inside the Bigg Boss house also said the same and he got the applause from the audience for his statement. Since most of them were fake, people are getting irritated. In this situation, only this week elimination is going to happen. We are not sure who is going to eliminate.

In today’s promo, Ananth Vaidyanathan saying that I’m ready to go out from this house but what Kamal replied to him is that it’s not in your hand. It’s in people hand and the promo ends there. Let’s wait and watch who is going to eliminate from the house.

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