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Bigg Boss promo 3 for the day June 2 is released. In this video, they have shown the fight between Yashika and Aishwarya and Mahat is interfering in it. Here is the video.

Initially, in this promo, Mahat created the sympathy and Yashika given nose-cut that she doesn’t like the sympathy. Mahat said that who created sympathy now. Please don’t get angry with me. In the second scene, Aishwarya said to Yasika that you are mature but I’m not an idiot.

In the third scene, Yashika Anand said to Aishwarya that I and Mahat convinced you. Aishwarya said that I don’t want any convince. Mahat said that to Aishwarya to be cool. If you cool then we can achieve anything. So don’t be angry.

In the final scene, Aishwarya Dutta saying to everybody to nominate her this week and she likes to leave this show. Let wait for the show to know what fight happen in Bigg Boss house.

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