Daniel in Bigg Boss
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Bigg Boss Promo 1 for the day June 05 is released. In this video, there is a big argument going on between Mumtaz and Riythvika and Daniel is supporting Riythvika. Here is the video of that.

In the starting of this promo, Mumtaz is saying that vessel washing team won’t wash anybody’s cup in the coming days. Riythvika was saying that I was in the vessel washing team in the first week and I washed all the cups. Daniel saying something that we are not able to understand. We need to watch the episode to know what he spoke and to whom he supporting exactly.

Vaishnavi saying that there are some valid points in what Riythvika saying. Mumtaz is asking what are those valid points. In the mean time, Mahat is doing his love work. That is he is hugging Yashika Anand. Balaji seeing that and he split.

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