Balaji in Bigg boss
Balaji in Bigg boss
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Bigg Tamil promo 2 for June 19 is released and if we see this promo, we can clearly understand that fight between contestant is going to start. Here is the official promo 2 video released by Vijay TV.

In this promo, there is a some task going on and in that this week captain Janani is asking to Mumtaz, who is the most irritating contestant in the house. Mumtaz saying that Daniel voice is startling me. Next question to Nithya. The question is whom did you dislike most in this house. The answer for that was not in the video. The question to Balaji is whom did you like most in this house. These are surprise questions. We need to watch today’s episode to get the answer for these questions.

Finally in the promo, Actress Yashika anand is saying that this is where the conflict starts and she is thanking Bigg Boss for this.

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