Bigg Boss Tamil : Clash between Anand Vaithyanathan and Daniel

Bigg Boss Tamil Promo video 3 for the day June 25 is released just now. In that video, there is a clash between Anand Vaithyanathan and Daniel Annie Pope just because Daniel cracked jock by Anand Vaidhyanathan’s nickname. Here is the video.

We all know that Danie is calling everybody with some nickname in Bigg Boss house. In yesterday’s show also he explained about the same to Kamal Haasan. In that when he told about the reason behind Ananth Vaidhyanathan’s nickname. He got tensed. Why because The reason is when Daniel asked Anand from where the music is coming ? he said that music is coming from the bathroom.

In the same manner today again Daniel asked from where the music is coming. For that Balaji replied that music is coming from sleeping sound. Again Ananth Vaidyanathan got tensed and he said that this kind of jocks should not go out. There are people outside who loves me more. Daniel went to the ladies room and he is saying all these things the people who are there in the ladies room.

We all know that last week so many contestants nominated Ananth Vaidyanathan since he is not mingling with others. But now he started mingling and after that, he is getting tensed. So most probably against he will get nominated. We need to wait until 9 p.m to know what is going to happen.

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