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Bigg Boss Promo 1 for the day June 28 was released just now. In that video, there is a clash between Vaishnavi, Balaji and Daniel. Balaji and Daniel are scolding Vaishnavi. Here is the video of that.

Initially in this video Vaishnavi complaining about Daniel Annie Pope to Yashika. She said that she was asking for coffee to Sendrayan but he did not bring that. instead of that, Daniel made it hot and he came with coffee. This is not the right behavior. Sendrayan should bring it.

In that second scene, Daniel is saying that don’t degrade your self. We are not sure to whom Daniel said that. But in the Promo Vaishnavi saying that Daniel should not say such words. In the next scene, Thadi Balaji is getting tensed and he is scolding someone. Here we assume that he is scolding Vaishnavi. Balaji is scolding that I’m not speaking with you. Mind your own business. After that Daniel said that “All Boss, please behave like a Boss. Don’t behave like a mental”.

Later Vaishanavi said to Mahat that, I’m not feeling about Balaji scolding. Ramya Nsk advising to Vaishnavi that please don’t speak too much just for two days. Here the promo ends.

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