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Bigg Boss Tamil : Aishwarya Wantedly Fighting With Balaji

The fight between Aishwarya Dutta and Bakaji is going to the next level. In the first promo of the day, she took the Dustbin and put all bags of dust on Balaji, when he was sitting in the living area.

Vijay Television just released their second promo, please check the promo video below.

It looks like after the dustbin incident Balaji isolated himself and sleeping in the bed, he also looks depressed. Sendrayan is asking Balaji to sit along with them in living area. Also, Sendrayan is telling that Aishwarya is ready to pour water on him if he is laying in bed.

Also, Aishwarya is telling to Danial and Mahat if there are adamant and we should be double adamant and that is the rule. Also, she is telling to other housemates to use room spray to spray on Balaji face.

Mahat is telling to Danial and Aishwarya that it will end up with bad fights between them. For that Aishwarya is telling that Balaji is not a special guest in this house. And at last, she started making noise with the kitchen kits to wake up Balaji.

We are not aware of this task yet, but the audiences are not happy about Aishwarya’s behavior. This would be very much worse for her cinema carrier.

Bigg Boss Tamil Season 2 – The biggest reality show in Tamilnadu. Ulaga Nayangan Kamalhasan is back again to host the show in season 2. As like in season 2 Kamalhasan would use this show in a better way for his political carrier. Bigg Boss season one was a huge success for Vijay television. Hope Bigg boss season 2 will be the same.

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