It should be banned from investing in Vikram and Simbu films: actor Sivakarthikeyan filed a case in the High court.

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Actor Sivakarthikeyan has filed a case in the Chennai High Court seeking an injunction restraining producer Gnanavel Raja from investing in and distributing Vikram and Simbu films until he pays a salary arrears of Rs 4 crore.


Petition files:

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In the case filed by actor Sivakarthikeyan, it has been mentioned that in July 2018, producer Gnanavel Raja signed a contract to produce a film in his acting Mr. Local and talked about a salary of Rs 15 crore. According to the petition, since the release of the film in May 2019, only Rs 11 crore has been paid so far and Rs 4 crore is outstanding.

TDS amount:

Gnanavel Raja, who had withheld TDS amounting to Rs.11 crores, did not to the income tax department. So, the department has sent the notice to pay the TDS amount of 91 lakhs for the year 2019 – 20, 2020 – 21. He has already filed a case against the notice. Therefore, Sivakarthikeyan has demanded that the producer Gnanavel raja be ordered to pay the salary arrears of Rs 4 crore to himself and pay the amount due to the Income Tax Department.

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Request for Ban:

GV Prakash’s Rebel, Vikram’s siyaan61, Simbu, and Gautam Karthik’s Paththu Thala are being produced by Gnanavel Raja. He has demanded that the court has to ban him from investing, releasing on theatres or OTT, or claiming copyrights in his petition.