Why did Oviya leave Bigg Boss at the eleventh hour? Can’t wait to know who is to replace her from season 2!!!!

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The much-awaited Big Boss Ultimate show got off with a rousing start yesterday. Big Boss is the most popular show airing across India. It is telecasted not only in Tamil but also in Telugu, Malayalam, Kannada, and Hindi. Also, the Big Boss show has been airing in Tamil for the past five years. Recently, the Big Boss Season 5 show ended successfully. Raju was crowned first place and Priyanka in second place.


Vijay TV has launched a new type of Bigg Boss show after the end of season 5. which means this Big Boss is different from the Big Boss that aired on TV. The show is titled Big Boss Ultimate. The Big Boss show aired on OTT in Hindi. Currently, they are going to start this show in Tamil with the same concept.

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14 contestants in the field:

The show has seemed to be telecasted for 24 hrs, unlike the usual show. Competitors from season 1 to 4 of Big Boss are participating in this. since it was the first day it was aired on television yesterday. On the first day, 14 people including Vanitha, Snehan, Suja Varuni, Abhinay, Anita, Balaji Murugadoss, Dadi Balaji, Surudi, Tamarai Selvi, Sharik, Nirup, Julie, Abirami, and Suresh Chakraborty were present.


Oviya’s absence:

But Oviya, who was highly anticipated by Big Boss fans, did not attend yesterday’s show. Like the last two seasons, the contestants were checked for double dose vaccination and isolated with corona infection controls. In this case, Oviya had a corona infection just a few days ago.

A talk about replacement:

There may be talk about inviting one of the two friends in the second season to replace her. The second favourite seems to have more chance. Because she already competed in the Big Boss dance show. It is noted that there are no film opportunities for her.

Who is the 16th replacement:

As well as there is official information that 16 people are already expected to attend this season. So, will Oviya enter Big Boss again when her condition improves? It is unknown whether she will be replaced. Similarly, when will be those 16 wild card entries? What is your prediction regarding this?