“Do I still have three fingers on one hand to succeed if my legs are gone?” asked Surj, the UPSC exam passant!

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The remarkable efforts of the young guy whose right hand, two fingers of his left hand, and both legs were lost in a train accident were successful in the UPSC examination. Suraj’s Exciting Account of How He Passed the UPSC Exam!

Suraj Tiwari, a young man from Uttar Pradesh, has demonstrated that all is achievable for regular people in real life. Due to his extraordinary work and self-confidence, the 27-year-old, who was involved in a train accident in 2017 that resulted in the loss of both of his legs, right hand, and two fingers of his left hand, passed the UPSC exam.

Check out this inspiring story by Suraj Tiwari, who lost both of his legs and his right arm in an accident, to learn more.

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Suraj Tiwari’s inspiration stems from both internal and external challenges, such as the state of the economy and physical and mental agony. Above all, he is an exciting dramatic example for us and it is not hyperbole to suggest that he prepared himself and passed the UPSC examination without the aid of coaching centers.

How did Suraj Tiwari get past his disability?

Suraj Tiwari comes from Kaswa Guravli in the Uttar Pradesh state’s Mainpuri district. The tragedy occurred in 2017 while he was residing in a Delhi hostel and attending college. In a rail accident in Dadri, Ghaziabad, Suraj lost both of his legs, his right hand, and two fingers of his left hand.

After treatment, all of his hopes for the future are gone, and he must remain at home in a wheelchair. Suraj’s everyday activities are dependent on his family’s assistance because he must always stand on his own two feet.

Not just this. He started to suffer one after the other. Suraj was incredibly stressed out because of his brother’s passing, his own terrible tragedy, the family’s lack of wealth, and the fact that his father was a tailor and could not make much money.

But the love he received from his parents, siblings, and other family members, along with the perseverance that remained in him, allowed him to recover and regain his confidence. He battled his way out of the despair little by bit.
Aiming for the UPSC dream

He passed the UPSC written test on his first try. However, there were moments during the interview when success seemed unachievable. He was not deterred, though. Failure is nothing new to him. In 2014, he did not pass the Plus Two exam; however, he passed the following year. tried once more now.

As per the most recent UPSC test results, he secured the 917th rank nationally.

Regarding the approach that brought him success, Suraj stated that “a few hours of intense study every day is enough, instead of studying for 15 or 16 hours a day.” Suraj’s parents are overjoyed and proud of their son for overcoming numerous challenging situations to study diligently and pass the UPSC exam.

“My boy is a courageous man. He never stopped working hard and making an effort. That is what has enabled him to triumph,” proudly declares Suraj’s mother Asha Devi Tiwari.
“I am now really content. I am proud of my son. He is courageous.

I was sorry there was no future for the two of us after that accident that cost my son his arm and legs. Subsequently, my son Suraj remarked, “I can use three hands.” I promise never to give up on you, even if it’s only one finger. Now that he has demonstrated what he said, Suraj’s father Ramesh Kumar Tiwari expressed his utmost happiness.
Suraj’s triumph is being celebrated throughout his village. Following the news of this knowledge, netizens are also honoring the inspirational hero.
Most of us deal with challenging circumstances on a daily basis in one way or another. It has immobilized a lot of us. One term serves as Suraj’s success mantra for everyone in this kind of circumstance. Try it!