The 14-year-old “princess from the slum,” Maleesha Kharwa, is the face of a luxury beauty brand.

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The 14-year-old Dharavi Slum girl Maleesha Kharwa is the face of Forest Essentials’ latest ‘The Yuvati Collection’ ad, which features the luxury beauty brand.
Hollywood star Robert Hoffman found Maleesha in Mumbai in 2020, and he went on to create a Go Fund Me website for the girl. The 14-year-old has over 225,000 Instagram followers as of right now, and she frequently uses the hashtag #princessfromtheslum in her photos. She has modeled for several companies in the past few years, and she even starred in the short film “Live Your Fairytale”.

She has now been chosen to represent Forest Essentials’ latest humanitarian effort, “Yuvati Selection,” a campaign that aims to “empower young minds.”

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The company posted a sweet video of Maleesha entering their store with her marketing shots on Instagram in April. “When she saw her dreams come true, her face lit up with sheer joy. The inspiring tale of Maleesha serves as a lovely reminder that aspirations do come true.

It’s amazing to watch her enjoy her accomplishment! One user remarked, “Blessings and much more success in the future for her.” “So happy to see this , and applause fr the brand.. in our country dusky girls were never considered to promote beauty brands, nw time has changed… she’s so beautiful,” another commented.

A third person said, “Whoa. This is such a positive place. Her smile is also quite lovely. Another said, “Now this is a face every common man will relate to ,a much needed change” .
The creator and chief managing director of Forest Essentials, Mira Kulkarni, stated in an interview with Vogue India that “with our Yuvati collection, we are not only supporting Maleesha’s dreams but also contributing to Project Paathshala to empower young minds.”

The concept of dreaming is being highlighted by Forest Essentials, even if Maleesha is the campaign’s face. The underlying message here is that all dreams matter, regardless of one’s background or size, and that everyone is entitled to pursue their aspirations,” she continued.

Maleesha claimed in a different interview that her campaign for Forest Essentials is her “biggest job to date.” “I want to be a model, but education will always come first for me,” she stated.