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Today Super star Rajinikanth said that he had released a new website called rajinimandram.org  . Not only website but also he launched one Android App too. The name of the App is Rajini Mandram.

As per  Rajini’s statement, the reason for launching rijimandram.org is to gather all his fans under one umbrella. Not only fans, anybody who is willing for good change in the Tamilnadu politics can join in the raji mandram with the help of the site and rajini mandram mobile APP.

RajiniWe all know that the Rajinikanth has so many rasigar mandram all over Tamilnadu. Now it is official that Rajini Mandram is going to be in web from today. So many Rajini fans have already joined in RajiniMandram.org by using the website.

Details that needs to be filled in rajinimandram.org :

  1. Name
  2. Mobile Number
  3. Country
  4. Email Address. .

Anybody who is willing to join in rajiniMandram.org can fill all these details and become a member in rajinimandram.org