Prerna from Kota , The Girl Who Passed Her Medical Exam Despite Making Only Rs. 500 Per Month And Having A Rs. 27 Lakh Loan – An NEET Success Story About Debt To Dreams

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One of the most remarkable NEET success stories is that of Prerna from Kota, who passed the exam in spite of experiencing both financial and psychological difficulties.

The National Eligibility and admission Test (NEET) is a significant obstacle in the maze of India’s difficult admission exams. But in the middle of this difficult terrain, the inspiring story of Prerna, a young lady from Kota, Rajasthan, who is determined to succeed in the medical field, comes to light.

Prerna’s journey started in the impoverished city of Kota, when she and her siblings started the difficult process of preparing for the NEET. But then tragedy struck: her father passed away too soon, leaving the family penniless and unable to pay their overwhelming obligations.

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Prerna was burdened with the weight of familial duty, taking care of her four siblings while also struggling to make ends meet and pay off a loan totaling Rs 27 lakh. Their situation worsened when their home, a haven of comfort, was taken by the cold, calculating fangs of foreclosure. To exacerbate the situation, the start of the Covid-19 outbreak added uncertainty to their already unstable situation.

Despite the overwhelming obstacles, Prerna was determined to overcome them and pass the NEET exam. She studied nonstop, putting in up to 10 or 12 hours a day to achieve her goal of becoming a brilliant doctor, even though she was confined to a small space and could not afford to relax.

Prerna and her siblings’ survival depended heavily on a small Rs 500 monthly pension and intermittent help from kind relatives. Public transportation was still an unaffordable luxury, thus Prerna had to cover the distances on foot or on her little bicycle.

Prerna passed the NEET exam on her first try, which is evidence of her unwavering determination and unbreakable character. Her remarkable achievement in NEET 2022—scoring an astounding 686 out of 720—launched her to an All India Rank of 1033, among the 2.5 lakh successful candidates.

Looking back on her path to victory, Prerna credited her achievements to her father’s lasting legacy, whose steadfast faith in her skills acted as a source of motivation. His wise words, resounding through the abyss of financial hardship, gave her the belief that nothing, no matter how overwhelming, could stop her from pursuing her goals.