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BIGG BOSS: Nithya Arguing With Mumtaj And Mamathi


Bigg Boss Tamil promo 2 for June 22 has been released and in that video, Nithya turned against Mumtaz and Mamathi. The conversation between Nithya and Mamathi Chari is going seriously. Here is the video of it.

Nithya asking Mumtaz, whether you called me? Mumtaz saying to Nithya that please give first preference to dinning. Since it is your duty now. Nithya replying that you can call me when I was here. Mumtaz said that I have not seen you when you were here. Then Nithya said here after please call me when I’m sitting here. Mumtaz said that then you please wait here. Nithya said you can’t tell me that I need to wait here. The scene ends here.

In the next scene, Mamathi Chari said to Nithya that I felt sad of you. Nithya said the same thing to Mamathi Chari. Then Mamathi Chari said that I was trying to help you. I’m sorry.  Nithya Replied to that if I had any problem I will surely share with you. Please support me at that time.

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