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Bigg Boss Tamil : Mumtaz Open Talk


Big Boss Promo 1 for July 27 has been released now. In this video Mumtaz having an open conversation with Yashika about the other teammates.Here is the video for the same.

We know already Mumtaz is getting cornered and targeted by other teammates in the past episodes. Today in this promo, Ponnambalam backbiting about Mumtaz to other teammates regarding her trumpeted behaviour and bossy nature.

At the same time Mumtaz having an open talk with Yashika in dining area. Mumtaz says its very much difficult to find who is really showing the true affection. Also she adds, am having my food now, even if I dont get this food I wont lie at any cost. In the past episodes, we know Mumtaz was not comfortable in doing the task given by Mahath and Shariq, So she was not allowed to consume her food and she was ok with that. May be she have a point here, lets wait and watch the today episode for further reactions.

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