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Bigg Boss Tamil : Mahat Supports Balaji

The Ulaga Nayagan Kamal’s show is getting more tougher today. The task is making them worse. The last two promos were been very bad.

Now the Vijay Television has released the third promo which was very bad again. Please check the video below.

It looks like Aishwarya, Danny, and Janani was been on one team in the task. Aishwarya is talking to Danial and Janani. And it looks like Mahat is supporting Balaji in this task. Mahat is telling to them that let see today, and Balaji is trying to control Mahat. Balaji is telling Mahat to shut your mouth ( Not to make any problem) and Mahat is telling Balaji to keep quiet.

Aishwarya is telling to Mahat that I’m not answerable¬†to you. And Mahat is telling that he is always been a friend to her. Mahat looks totally unhappy about Aishwarya’s attitude.

Also, he is punching the Bigg Boss property which is against the rule and also he is telling that on doing so only they can send me out of the Bigg Boss house. There is no doubt in today’s episode there will be more fights coming on. Stay tuned for the more details.

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