Kamal Extremely angry towards ayswarya
Kamal Extremely angry towards ayswarya
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After “Rani Maha Rani” task, Bigg Boss Tamil is going good. It reflects in today’s promo video also. The second promo for August 4 is released just now. Here is the video of that.

In this promo Aishwarya is fighting with Sendrayan and Kamal is asking Aishwarya to stop but she is not at all listening to Kamal words and shouting with Sendrayan. She is saying that just because of Kamal sir I’m keeping quiet but what word you are using. Kamal saying that don’t be calm just because of me. In between Sendrayan saying just see the recording that which word I spoke wrongly.

The scene is going like this and suddenly Kamal is removing his coat and asking Aishwarya to listen his words. Aishwarya is saying that can I open my mouth. Kamal raised his voice and said don’t be loud, Rani character got over. Get into your character called Aishwarya. here the promo ends.

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