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‘This story at the end, will touch the hearts of growing children and teenagers who complain about not being happy with what they have, and motivates to succeed and live honestly’.

A story from a facebook user :

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No need of your alms…!!!

This boy was in front of the temple last week when I visited Srirangam. He had green peanuts for sale. He begged my daughter to purchase it. My daughter refused to say yes repeatedly. Nor is he about to give up. She persisted and eventually stated, “I give you 10 rupees, but I don’t want to buy peanuts.”

The boy declined, explaining that he began selling peanuts in the evening after school due of his family’s circumstances. I receive 5 rupees for a packet of 20 rupees. I’ll plant thirty packages. There will be 150 accessible. I have no desire to beg. Don’t try to use this free payment method to make me lazy. I’ll grow used to it in a few days if I’m given this much freedom. I want to sell this and make money. Purchase it if you so choose. If not, he urged me to get out and began to walk quickly. My daughter appeared to have received a peck on the cheek.

My daughter spent twenty rupees to purchase peanuts. then stood up and continued to describe the specifics of his purchase and packing method. My kid listened to him talk in wonder about a lot of different topics. He replied, “Okay, come buy anything, eat it and go.” The order is reversed. I’m also quite strict about this, sister. He will always pretend he doesn’t want anything, no matter who tries to buy it. If you pose a question like that, you will become accustomed to buying and eating and come to believe that you can do it without exerting any effort. This is a kind of sloth, he claimed.

In a government school, he studies in the seventh grade. His mother, who has six children in all, is a flower vendor at the Amman Temple Gate. He has one brother, two younger sisters, and two elder sisters. Father’s disease claimed his life two years ago. They create a budget to determine how much the family spends each month, project their income, pay for school and other fees, and take care of other commitments.

Son enquired about the study’s progress. He declared that he will reach rank three. When my daughter finally asked what his name was, he replied, “Vinava Ranganathan.” My kid added, “I felt like God Ranganathan came and taught me a lot” after he left.

A small percentage of those living in poverty turn into vagrants due to their familial circumstances or a lack of motivation to work. Their life’s wheel comes to a stop. By showing sympathy and providing help to those who believe they should be able to sustain themselves and earn something through their hard work and talent, society attempts to turn them into beggars. This is something that occurs without society’s notice and is done out of sympathy. A select few who resist its pull manage to break free, focus on their objective, and achieve success.

This boy’s speech was clear and full of confidence. A gleam is visible in his eyes. It is hoped that he will put in a lot of effort and prosper in life. Let’s show our gratitude.Thanks