Inspiring IAS Vanmathi, a cab driver’s daughter who was motivated to excel in UPSC by a TV show.

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Women from all walks of life can find inspiration in Vanmathi’s life story to set lofty goals and put in a lot of effort to attain them!

IAS officer C Vanmathi’s story is one of perseverance and tenacity, even though she was raised as the daughter of a cab driver and had to overcome severe financial hardships at a young age. Vanmathi was up in a lowly background; her father drove cars for a living. She was raised in the charming town of Sathyamangalam in the Tamil Nadu district of Erode. Vanmathi’s unbreakable spirit inspired her to embark on a variety of odd occupations to support her family despite the financial hardships.

Vanmathi faced many obstacles along the way, but she never wavered in her dedication to study. Despite the obstacles in her life, she managed to find time for her education by pure determination. Different inspirations sparked Vanmathi’s desire to become a member of the elite Indian Administrative Service (IAS).

It was during watching the television show ‘Ganga Yamuna Saraswati,’ in which the lead character was an IAS officer, that she became quite ambitious. Enthralled with the depiction, Vanmathi decided to go for the IAS route in spite of the difficulties. Her interaction with a female Collector whilst visiting her hometown also served as fuel for her resolve. Equipped with a post-graduate degree in computer applications, Vanmathi defied expectations from her family and society to pursue her passion.

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But there were obstacles on her path. Despite making it to the interview stage on her first try, she was unable to achieve success. She staggered through the exam at various points in her subsequent efforts, feeling the pain of failure. Vanmathi, however, persisted with unyielding tenacity and refused to give up.

Despite her duties as an Assistant Manager at IOB, Vanmathi persisted in her unwavering quest for the IAS ambition. Her hard work paid off in 2015 when she achieved an All India Rank of 152, which was a glorious finish to her grueling quest.

Vanmathi’s life story inspires women from all walks of life; she is currently employed in Mumbai, Maharashtra, as the Joint Commissioner (Enforcement) of State Tax. Her story shows the value of perseverance, fortitude, and unflinching resolve in pursuing one’s goals and provides hope for those who aspire to achieve their goals by showing them the way.