Son of cloth seller cracked UPSC, from Bike Dealer To Civil Servant: IAS’s Inspiring Journey IAS Anil Basak

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After much effort, he was able to obtain AIR-616 and a job with the Indian Revenue Service (IRS). But Basak was determined to become an IAS officer, so he tried again on his third attempt. This time, he managed to pull off an incredible AIR-45, realizing his long-held goal of becoming an IAS officer.

Achieving success is a path full with difficulties and roadblocks, each of which tests our resiliency and willpower. When the labor and sweat are not put in, the taste of victory is still hollow. It is a well-known fact that in order to achieve our goals, we must give our all to the grindstone and give our endeavors everything we have. This ethos serves as the cornerstone of success in life and the inspiration that drives us to greatness.

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Take into consideration the incredible path of IAS Anil Basak, a bright example of tenacity in the face of difficulty. His father was a roadside cloth seller in Bihar, where he was born into the poorest of backgrounds. Their existence was plagued by the constant threat of financial difficulty. However, in the midst of the conflict, Basak’s academic excellence shone brilliantly, acting as a ray of hope among the shadows.

Basak persevered through the challenging process of schooling, doing well at every turn. A tribute to his perseverance and dedication, his intelligence and diligence brought him to the hallowed halls of the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Delhi. He had no idea that this was just the beginning of his dream.

With a deep desire to become an IAS officer from boyhood, Basak turned his attention to the difficult task of the UPSC examination after graduating from IIT Delhi. Even though he faltered at the first obstacle, his spirit held firm. Reflection led to adaptation, and he improved his strategy with every failure.

Basak rose through the ranks by pure determination and hard work, earning a prominent status in the Indian Revenue Service (IRS). His heart, however, continued to race toward the unattainable IAS ideal. He was not going to be defeated, so he made another heroic effort with unflinching resolve.

Ultimately, following a number of hardships, Basak’s tenacity paid off, leading to a spectacular victory as he attained the much sought-after status of IAS officer. In his heyday, he recognizes the great impact of his father and elementary school teacher, whose constant encouragement and direction made it possible for him to succeed.

In the annals of accomplishment, Anil Basak’s tale serves as a tribute to the human spirit and a reminder that even the highest goals may be accomplished with determination and fortitude. His story illuminates the way for others to follow in pursuing their aspirations, acting as a light of inspiration.