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Bigg Boss Tamil Promo 2 for the day July 05 is published. In this video, Nithya is supporting Mahat and asking questions to Vaishnavi. Mahat is expressing his thoughts. here is the video

We all know that there is a rule in Bigg Boss house that nobody should sleep. If they sleep they dog’s barking sound will be played. Now in today’s promo, Mahat went for the sleep in the daytime and we have heard the barking sound in the promo.

When Mahat came out, Vaishanvi was asking something to him. Mahat replying that I’m not aware of that. It creates some problem there. In that, Nithya was supporting to Mahat and Vaishnavi got tensed because of that and she saying Nithya not to involve in this unnecessary problem. Mahat saying to Vaishnavi that why you always blaming me.

In the whole scene, they are showing the Thadi Balaji face. Finally, Balaji saying to Mahat and Daniel that Captain is not doing her duty properly and blaming Mahat.

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