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Bigg Boss Promo 3 video for the day June 22 was released. In this promo video, Mumtaz complaining about Nithya to others and everybody sharing their opinion about Nithya with each other. Here is video.

In scene 1, Mumtaz saying that someone is felling that Nithya is behaving very rude. It may be Balaji or Mahath. Vaishnavi said that Nithya came here just because she is Balaji’s wife. Mamathi Chari saying that here everybody is media people everybody is having their own set but she is not having such kind of set. Vaishnavi saying that Nithya is noncelebrity plus the pressure of being a celebrity is life. Thadi Balaji saying that everybody is a contestant and everybody should speak properly in the group. Nobody can see such an angry person like me. Here the promo ends.

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