Cristiano Ronaldo in childhood was really poor, he and his family lived in a tin-roofed home that overlooked the ocean!

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Ronaldo’s home was at ground level. Many people firmly believe that he intended for this to happen because he did not want the world to know the extent of his suffering

He was passionate in football from a very young age. He would skip meals or sneak out of his window with the ball since he enjoyed the game so much.When Ronaldo was twelve, he had to bid farewell to his family in order to play for Sporting Youth Club, which was 600 miles away. It was the hardest period of his athletic career. He wept every day because he was homesick.All of them made fun of him for having a bad accent. He could never adjust to the people here or the big city life.

His words: “You discover a lot about yourself during trying circumstances. You must maintain your strength and concentrate on your true desires. McDonald’s and ask for the leftover food because their finances were still so tight. Ronaldo took the significant choice to forgo his education and focus solely on football as a vocation at the age of 14.

He was given a “racing heart” diagnosis at the age of 15, for which there was no treatment other than heart surgery. According to doctors, giving up football was the only alternative option.

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But the child was a WARRIOR, and he went with surgery. After a successful procedure, Ronaldo resumed his activities. Ronaldo began training day and night in order to fulfill his aim of being the greatest football player of all time.

Manchester United saw his amazing footwork and goal-scoring prowess and paid $20 million to sign him. It happened during a friendly match between Man. Utd and Sporting (3:0). The players went to Alex Ferguson, the coach, and urged him that they had to sign this kid.

With his outstanding skills, he controlled the field regardless of the team he was on. He triumphed over Real Madrid and Manchester United in every way. Along with the Portuguese national team, he won the European Championship.

Due to his father’s alcoholism, he does not drink. He gives a lot of money to organizations, does not smoke, and does not have any tattoos.
One of the greatest football players of all time is Cristiano Ronaldo as of right now. With respect!