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Bigg Boss Tamil

Bigg Boss Tamil is one of the biggest reality show in South India, which is the Tamil-Language version of the reality television program named as “Bigg Boss” Early it was called as Big Brother which was first telecasted in Dutch. The reality show was created by John de Mol Jr, who is known for founding ‘Endemol’ Company in Netherland. In Noth India, Bigg Boss has reached now an 11th season and it is been hosted by one of India’s leading actor Salman Khan.

Bigg Boss Was started in Tamil Version in 25th June 2017 on Star Vijay. And to the surprise it was hosted by Kamal Hasan which created the hype in Tamil Television industry.


Bigg Boss Tamil is a reality show based on Bigg Boss Hindi which was broadcast on Colors Channel. There are 15 to 20 Contestants who were called as housemates would be sent to the isolated house which was called as Bigg Boss house. Inmates can be celebrities, Politicians and the general public. No contestants would know that who would be staying along with them as inmates until they reach the Bigg Boss House. Every week once the inmates can choose one contestant as a leader and leader would stay out of the eviction process. There is a weekly task that will help to gain points for the luxury budget.

Eviction Process:

House Leader cannot be voted for eviction. Every contestant will be individually called for confession room, an inmate can vote for 2 contestants. And the top 3 contestant who gets the maximum number of votes will be available for public votes. The public has two option to vote for their favorite contestant, one is via missed call and another is via online voting. The contestant who getting least votes from the public will be evicted from Bigg Boss house at the end of the week by the Host Kamal hasan.

To Save your Favorite Contestant Click “Bigg Boss Vote Tamil” and cast your votes.


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