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Bigg Boss Tamil Promo video 2 for the day June 25 is released just now. We all know that last week Mumtaz was in cooking team and now she got moved to a different team. Now she is telling her concern about her health and Vaishnavi is against it. Here is the video.

In the first scene of the promo, Mumtaz saying that how can you play with the health of one person. Vashnavi saying to Daniel annie pope that Mumtaz knows very well how the Bigg Boss house will be then how can she say that we are playing with her health.

Mumtaz saying that I’m having severe stomach problem you people can see my medicine box. If I’m not taking the food properly then it will directly affect my intestine.  Vaishnavi saying to Danie that if she is not feeling good then she should sit at home and she should not come to Bigg Boss. She was famous once upon a time. Now her fans should praise her so she came here for Bigg Boss show.

In last week when Mumtaz was in a cooking team, everybody in the Bigg Boss house praised her. Now it seems that few people were against her. To get a clear picture we need to wait and watch the today’s episode and from next promo, we can get some more clues too. So let’s wait.

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