Bigg Boss Tamil : Third week competition starts

Bigg Boss Promo 1 for the day July 2 is released just now. In that video, Bigg Boss conducted one small competition to select the leader of the house. Here is the video of that.

The third week of Bigg Boss Tamil starts from today and in yesterday’s episode, we have seen that Mamathi Chari was eliminated from Bigg Boss house. Now it’s time to select the new leader. So what Bigg Boss said, the two people who reach the confession room will be competing for leader post.

We are assuming that Sendrayan and Vaishnavi are the two people who reach the confession room first. So the Bigg Boss is speaking with both of them and he put one condition that who getting more hugs will be selected as a leader of this week.

Sendrayan asking to Mahat that why you people had not thanked me when I cleaned the toilet today. Mahat said we have given applause for that. Sendrayan indirectly asking hug for that but Mahat did not understand it.

In the last scene of the promo, Sendrayan is very happy and he is saying I don’t know what I need to do. With that scene, we can assume that Sendrayan is the leader for the third week of Bigg Boss house. But we need to wait and wait for today’s episode to know who is the actual leader.

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