Bigg Boss Tamil : Sendrayan learnign English

Bigg Boss Tamil Promo 2 for the day June 26 is released just now. In that promo, Sendrayan is trying to speak in English. Vaishnavi and few others are helping him to learn English. Here is the video.

We all know that in last week Saturday episode Kamal Haasan was speaking with Sendrayan in English. Sendrayan was simply blinking at that time. Usually, Sendrayan spoke English wrongly in front of the camera and everybody will laugh by hearing his English. That’s why Kamal Haasan spoke with him in English.

Now in today’s promo Sendrayan saying that he needs to speak in English with Kamal Haasan so he needs to learn English. Vaishnavi teaches few words for him. In that promo, he clearly said that “My name is Sendrayan. I’m an actor”. Vaishnavi teaches the sentence, “What did you do from the morning” to Sendrayan. Sendrayan asked to what’s for today lunch to Mamathi Chari.

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