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Bigg Boss Promo 2 for the day June 29 is released just now. In this video, the contestants are speaking about some think. In that place, Nithya spoke about Balaji’s habit and it created a problem. Here is the video.

What Nithya said is if the Men is having drinking habit then he will drink at any cost. He may hide that from his wife and drink. But he won’t think about leaving that worst habit for his wife.

After that Balaji turn came and what he spoke is, Nithya should first understand the title and speak. By this statement again the fight starts there and everybody trying to convince Nithya and Balaji. What’s Nithya’s point is I’m sharing my point here. What is the mistake in sharing my point but for that Thadi Balaji is scolding with bad words.

We all know that Balaji and Nithya is husband and wife but they were living separately so most of the people expected that by the Bigg Boss show they both will again join. But the things going in Boss boss house is different. Most of the time they both were fighting and it simply irritating the audience.

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