Bigg Boss Tamil : Kamal giving punishment to Mumtaz

Bigg Boss Promo 2 for the day June 30 was released. This video mainly focuses on Mumtaz and Kamal is scolding Mumtaz for her mistakes. Here is the video.

In last week we all know that Mumtaz removed her mike and she wasted her time just because she wants to talk with Bigg Boss and Bigg Boss did not call her to talk. All most all the contestant in Bigg Boss house requested her to wear the mike but she did not wear the mike.

Since Kamal is hosting today’s episode he will be discussing with everybody in Bigg Boss house. In that time he scolded Mumtaz saying that she violated the Bigg Boss rule and he gave punishment to Mumtaz.

The punishment is she should not participate in the discussion with Kamal until Kamal calling her. This will be the very huge punishment for Mumtaz because the only happiness for the contestant is speaking with Kamal and Mumtaz is losing that opportunity just because of her mistake.

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