Bigg Boss Tamil : Fight between Balaji and Nithya

Bigg Boss Promo video is released just now for the day June 27, 2018. In this video, there is a fight between Thadi Balaji and his wife Nithya. Sendrayan is trying to convince both. Here is the video of that.

We all know that there some personal problem between Thadi Balaji and his wife Nithya before coming into Bigg Boss show and they both were living separately. After entering the Bigg Boss house they both trying to be a friend and everyone in the Bigg Boss house suggesting the same.

In this scenario, Thadi Balaji taking an opportunity to convince Nithya and he wish to live with her. He is seeking Sendrayan’s help for this and Sendrayan in speaking between Thadi Balaji and Nithya to convince Nithya.

In today’s promo also Sendrayan is asking Nithya to give one more chance for Balaji but Nithya is saying that I have given so many chances to Thadi Balaji and I’wont give any more chance to him. Let I’m be a good friend to Balaji. After that Balaji asking Nithya why she came to the Bigg Boss show then. Nithya replied that channel asked she so I came to the show. there is nothing personal in it.

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