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Bigg Boss Promo 2 for the day June 27 was released just now. In that video, there is an issue going for the task which lady contestants were performing. Aishwarya Dutta denying Sendrayan’s request but accepting Shariq and Mahat request. Here is the video.

We all know that the female contestants are performing servant task and male contestants are performing owner task. In this male contestants are giving different jobs to female contestants. One such job is feeding. Initially, in this video, Vaishnavi saying that there is a difference between servant and labor. Shariq is asking Aishwarya to feed him. None of the servants will feed food to there owner. But here the owners are forcing.

In this conversation, Aishwarya Dutta said that I was comforted to feed food for Shariq and Mahat so I’m doing it. If you are not comfort don’t do that. Mahat said that yesterday Mumtaz also mentioned the same and she was not comfortable to feed food for Sendrayan.

The point here is Aishwarya was not comfortable for feeding food to Sendrayan. The same statement was told by Mumtaz yesterday but at that time every female contestant including Aishwarya said that what Mumtaz saying was wrong. This is the task so she needs to perform. But today Aishwarya is saying the same. Now Sendrayan is feeling bad that why others are treating me like this.

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