Bigg Boss Tamil : Bigg Boss warning to Ramya

Bigg Boss contestant
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Bigg Boss Tamil promo 2 for the day July 11 is released. In this video, Bigg Boss is given a warning to Ramya and few other interesting things were added into this promo. here is the video of that.

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In the first scene of this promo, Ramya NSK saying that I don’t like this game. Mumtaz is trying to convince Ramya but she did not get convinced. She came in front of the camera and said that Bigg Boss this police thief task is going very cheap so please stop this task.

Most of the contestant’s decision is the same. Vaishanvi saying that Ramya was cool for past 3 weeks but today she got tensed. So we need to think about what is happening.

In the next scene, Bigg Boss is talking to the contestants. What he said is Ramya shout resign leader post and for the next week, she is going to be nominated straight away. This was really shocking for everybody.

From the promo video, we can easily guess why Bigg Boss told like that to Ramya. It is just because Ramya was not controlling the team and she herself refusing to play the task.

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