Thadi balaji in Bigg Boss
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Bigg Boss Tamil promo 3 for the day June 20 is being released. In this promo Mumtaz speaking with Balaji about his personal life and Balaji explaining it. Here the video of it.

Mumtaz is asking to Thadi Balaji why Nithys is in so much anger. Balaji saying that you may think that everybody should have freedom in life. But everybody should know their limit right. If Nithya don’t consider any of my words then danger is for you her only. There is no loss for me.

Sendrayan saying to Balaji that there is one character in this house who is screwing up you and Nithya. We need to find that character. Balaji replying to Sendrayan that we should not speak about the ditches in dinner time. I’m saying about all the ditches in this house. Promo ends here.

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