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Bigg Boss Promo video 1 for the day July 06 is released. In that video, there was some task going on. It may be to express their feeling. Most of the contestants were crying int that task. Here is the video.

In the first scene of this promo, Daniel Annie Pope is speaking about his father and he is crying a lot. We all know that Daniel is the strongest male contestant in the Bigg Boss season 2 Tamil but he is crying in this promo by expressing his love of his father. Everybody in the house trying to convince him.

In the next scene, Riythvika is sharing her feelings. She is saying about someone who walks slowly due to some damage in the leg. We are not sure whom she mentioning but one thing she loves that man a lot that’s why her eyes are full of tears. It may be her dad or someone who close to her heart.

In the next scene Balaji speaking about his daughter. He is crying while saying his daughter name. and after that Nithya was expressing her feeling. We all know that Balaji and Nithya were living separately. There was some problem between them and it was discussed in media too. She said about that problem and she said that only her father and mom believed her at that time and she was crying a lot. In the same time, Balaji also crying.

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