“I will release the video if he badmouths me” Balaji’s wife and daughter warned him.

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It is a well-known fact that Dhadi Balaji’s family problem has been on the rise on social media for the past few years. Currently, Nithya is posting a video condemning Balaji. Dhadi Balaji was one of the most popular comedians in the world of Tamil cinema, who is one of the contestants in Bigg Boss Ultimate. His family problem was a well-known one. Nithya is the wife of actor Dhadi Balaji and their daughter, Poshika. The family issue between Dhadi Balaji and Nitya came to light when they danced together on a private TV show. They both continued to bring their family issue to the police and court.

It also caused a great deal of controversy on social media. Then they both were parted. In that situation, they competed in the second season of Big Boss in Tamil. At the end of the Big Boss season, the two were shown united. But, to this day, Dhadi Balaji is living alone and Nithya is living alone with her daughter Poshika. Nithya is currently running a kindergarten.

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Nithya’s job:

But before that Nithya worked in a reputed IT concern Who was then an HR officer in a popular hospital. Nithya quit her job after marriage. Also, Nithya is self-reliant and brings up her daughter independently. Although the two were separated, the problem arose between them. Nithya had lodged a complaint against Balaji at the police station in 2020.

Nithya complaints Balaji:

The complaint was filed that he came home intoxicated and reprimanded both threatening them to kill and break the glasses. However, Balaji denied the threat allegation. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. Currently, Dhadi Balaji is attending the Big Boss Ultimate show. Nithya has complained that Balaji defamed her by his behavior.

Nithya’s statement:

Nithya says“I am compelled in this situation to talk about him. If he defames me anymore I will release the audio in which he rebuked me and my daughter so ugly. I also have the audio of Balaji getting drunk and having his driver project me ugly on the phone and he just kept smiling and having fun near me. If he talks like this anymore I will post one by one on U-Tube. It is not to gain subscribers.

Poshika’s statement:

I will definitely not let him defame me. He is pretending to worry about being separated from his daughter. He plans to use this as a favor in the court.” Following him, daughter Poshika says, “Dad, you cannot speak like this for the media. I know what is good and what is bad. I have got the maturity to that extent now”. The video of the two talking is currently going viral on social media.