At age 3, have set 6 records, Inian identified 125 car models in five minutes!

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In 5 minutes and 17 seconds, a 3-year-old kid from Coimbatore was able to name 125 different car types that were shown in a picture, earning him a spot in the Asian Book of Records.

Inian, the little child, is only one of many individuals who demonstrate that age is merely a number. Inian is the youngest child of Coimbatore-based Krithika and Sriranga Sai. In just three years, he has broken six records. When the boys in his age group were working hard to get into daycare,

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By locating the names of 125 automobile models in 5 minutes and 17 seconds and the logos of 142 two- and four-wheelers in 5 minutes and 2 seconds, Inian has made it into the Asia Book of Records. In addition, he is listed in the Indian Book of Records and discovered the logos of 113 airlines in 2 minutes and 31 seconds.”Inian wasn’t taught anything to help him succeed. To acknowledge his achievements, we only applied to the Asian Book of Records. When he was younger, we gave him flashcards.

Bike and carna are two things that Basam is aware of. He used to sit and gaze at the flashcard with the picture of the car on it when he was eight months old. We have already displayed numerous flashcards. Thus, we only trained for one week and didn’t undertake any more training for this achievement. He spoke with ease because he found the subject to be engaging.

“I’ll always be extra cautious when raising him. I won’t give out any junk food, sweets, or maida. never indulged in TV watching. For him, I ceased using my smartphone. My spouse is very supportive of my endeavors as well,” Inian’s mother Krithika added.

For Inion, we also purchased a color printer. Parenting is the way of the future in today’s world. I really think that if the next generation is raised well, they will also make excellent leaders.

Furthermore, raising a male child requires more care than raising a female child. In the future, I hope to live a decent life in Indian society. That’s why, when he was only six months old, I started researching what kind of education to provide him. That’s when I learned about the instructional system created by American physiotherapist Glen Doman. ‘How to teach your baby math’ was the book we both read.

Through reading that book, children learn how much they can comprehend about a subject. First, we displayed on flashcards the possible words that correspond with the image. It was not so he could learn the word. He will be curious about the topic because he is familiar with it when he hears these phrases again after school.

Our goal was just to take a different tack when it came to a topic. Nowadays, the majority of children own smartphones. We took great care to avoid that error.

After being exposed to large screens, such as TVs and smartphones, kids won’t look at flashcards. Inian’s mother came to the conclusion that if their primary source of education is flash cards, their children will start learning a lot from these small things.