Are You Ready For The First Eviction.!

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Its already day 14 of Bigg Boss show and there is a lot of things going on between the housemates. In yesterday’s episode, Sandy made a real fun and also he celebrated his birthday with the housemates. And he cried while he hears his daughter voice that he kept as his phone ringtone.

And a few days before the nomination process for the first eviction was also begun. From the nomination, Meera Mithun, Saravanan, Kavin, Madhumitha, Sakshi, Cheran, and Fathima Babu has been elected for the eviction. And the voting process is also going very viral among the audience.

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And today we will know the first eliminator from the Bigg Boss house. The source is suggesting that it will Fathima Babu who scores low votes. And in our own poll also she got less number of votes. So, let’s wait and see who is going to get eliminate from the Bigg Boss house.

To save contestants from the elimination the audience should vote them. To cast your vote, follow the link “Bigg Boss Tamil Vote” and find the guidelines. One person can have 10 votes, which can be also split among different nominated contestants. People can also vote with the missed call.